How a logistics partner treats its carriers says a lot about how it operates. Here at Packer Freight, we care about our carriers as much as we do our shippers. With more than 60 years of combined experience in the industry, we understand the importance of partnering with great carriers for the long term. It's why we strive to maintain a strong, qualified network of thoroughly vetted carriers, not just for today's loads, but for years to come.

With a robust network of truckload carriers, Packer Freight keeps your shipments moving toward reliable arrivals across the U.S., Canada and Mexico—anywhere you need to move freight. Some of our best truckload customers value the expertise and lanes we offer throughout the Midwest, Northeast, California and Texas.

" They understand that drivers are not machines and are willing to work through issues.
Solid company! Great people! "

Packer Freight is the logistics arm of Packer Fastener, a national industrial supplier since 1998.