Need a truck dedicated to your goods? When your shipment needs the space of an entire trailer and its weight requirements, we've got the capacity to deliver-from point A to point B. Our full truckload (FTL) shipping minimizes handling and manages your journey with cost-effective rates and fast transit times.

Find the best choice for your business with our range of FTL services including:


When you have a large shipment to move but it won't fill a trailer, partial truckload can be a smart solution. We handle "TONS" of partial truckloads—those shipments that typically fall between LTL and full truckloads. It's a middle ground we know well. Partial truckloads don't require a freight class in order to secure a rate, and they deliver benefits you'll love including cost-savings, less handling, and quicker transit time.


When filling an entire trailer is too much of a stretch, let Packer Freight handle your less than truckload (LTL) shipments. With our logistics expertise, tracking systems, and always-reliable service, we can deliver all the flexibility and efficiency you deserve. Whether your freight weighs 150 or 15,000 pounds, we manage all your LTL carefully, efficiently, and economically. So you’ll never again pay too much for freight that spends too long in transit.


Urgent. Critical. Emergency. However you label it, when time is of the essence, we'll help move your freight fast and safely, door to door, dock to dock. With our expedited shipping, your goods arrive faster than regular transit times. Shipments move directly from pickup to delivery, and our tracking ensures that you always know where your freight is. You can trust us to provide on-time deliveries for your time-sensitive freight.


Packer Freight keeps shipments moving toward reliable arrivals across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, with a North American network built on solid relationships. We've even shipped to Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan, and plenty of other places in the world. You name the place, and we'll get you there.

Packer Freight is the logistics arm of Packer Fastener, a national industrial supplier since 1998.